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Free Will Astrology (8/22/18)

virgo.png Do they put you in the proper frame of mind to co-create transformative intimacy? I hope so. You're entering a phase when you have maximum power to enchant and to be enchanted. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): As you map out your master plan for the next 14 months, I invite you to include the following considerations: an intention to purge pretend feelings and artificial motivations, a promise to change your relationship with old secrets so that they no longer impinge on your room to maneuver, a pledge to explore evocative mysteries that will enhance your courage, a vow to be kinder toward aspects of yourself that you haven't loved well enough, and a search for an additional source of stability that will inspire you to seek more freedom. CANCER (June 21-July 22): If you have been communing with my horoscopes for a while, you've gotten a decent education — for free! Nonetheless, you shouldn't depend on me for all of your learning needs. Due to my tendency to emphasize the best in you and focus on healing your wounds, I may neglect some aspects of your training. With that as caveat, I'll offer a few meditations about future possibilities. 1. What new subjects or skills do you want to master in the next three years?

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@AuntiesBlock ayo!! I was listening to the Nikki podcast.. and when you said you were a Sag.. I was like yessss! You’re blunt and honest asf! Ik you’re not into Astrology. Lol and the crickets in the background.. and y’all yawning! I was dead! it was a good talk tho.