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Let's go back to that natal Venus example for a moment. Tripp says this transit suggests a blending of Mercury's chatty influence with Venus' "let love in" kind of energy. "This is a classic example of communicating with loved ones, sharing your affections, and making pleasant social connections," she says. In other words, since Mercury is moving through the point in your chart that's all about love, your mind might start buzzing with thoughts of affection and you may start putting words to feelings that you normally wouldn't. However, transits don't always have such a specific effect on your life. Sometimes, they simply change the overall vibe of your day-to-day life — it depends on which natal placements are being transited. If a planet is transiting your sun or moon, you'll probably feel its influence more broadly, across different areas of your life. "If someone is undergoing a Uranus transit, they will attract people of a Uranian nature: people who are unconventional, disrupt the status quo, open up new and exciting pathways, etc.," Tripp says. "Essentially, transits influence who you meet and what you attract." Tripp adds that it's also important to note that transiting planets behave differently. The "inner planets" (the moon, sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) move through the signs relatively quickly, so their transits and effects are on the shorter side.

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I’m a Moon driven Plutonian personality, with a Jupiter mind & aesthetic and a Uranian heart. Do you understand now?

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