Straightforward Guidelines For Speedy Strategies For Bridesmaid Dresses

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Veteran NFL linebacker Sean Weatherspoon had a less-than-ideal 2016 with the Falcons, suffering a season-ending Achilles’ tear in Week 4, and he hasn’t signed a contract for the upcoming season. But his 2017 has been looking up so far. Based on his Instagram, the NFL linebacker has been to four weddings—including his own!—since April 22.  Sure, the best time for NFL players to get married is during the offseason, because no one wants to wake up the morning after a wedding and go play football. And we’re thick in the middle of wedding season, since everyone wants to tie the knot during the spring / early-summer. But four weddings in seven weeks? Including your own? That’s … a lot. (Also, he is incredibly lucky that none of them overlapped.) Spoon better be a top-notch guest. Let’s check out his Instagram account.  First up, the wedding of Falcons CB Robert Alford on April 22.

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Trump made surprise stop at wedding reception last night at Bedminster. The crowd broke out into chants of "USA!" (Video obtained by CNN)